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Did you know Pili Pili means Pepper or Spicy in Swahili?

Traditionally made with Birds Eye Chillies, our take on this classic brings together Habanero & Chile De Arbol to really ramp up the heat.

If that wasn’t enough, we blend in Chipotle Chillies and Smoked Paprika for a rich smokiness, with Onion Sea Salt and Olive Oil to give the perfect combination of creaminess and heat.

Perfect as a marinade for the BBQ, added into Pesto pasta for a spicy take on the classic or why not try it as a pizza base

Anyway… Dont just take our word for it though! Here is Chilli Sid’s thoughts



Four out of Five Flames

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Weight 348 g



Olive Oil, Onion, Lemon Juice (Sulphites), Garlic, Habanero Chillies, Chile De Arbol, Chipotle Chillies, Ginger, Onion Sea Salt, Basil

5 reviews for Pili Pili – HOT

  1. Chelsea

    A staple sauce! I add it to most spicy dishes and banging in a sandwich.

  2. Jacky B

    This versatile sauce is full of flavour and certainly adds a bit of a punch to my everyday dinners. A splash of this can transform a meal! It’s a winner for me ?

  3. Colin smith

    A lovely tasting sauce , goes all over my wings. This bottle didn’t last long!!

  4. Alan Burns

    Great heat level to this one. my go to for a chicken marinade, generously smothered all over.

  5. HabaneroMike

    Don’t be fooled by the mild colour of this Bristol bad boy, it packs a decent punch of heat thanks to the Chile De Arbol and habanero chillies. After the heat recedes you get the paprika and faint olive taste come through. Definitely worth the 4x? rating on the label. Great mixed with Mayo or add a dollop to your baked beans, the possibilities are only limited to your pantry contents and your imagination. A great ‘artisan hotsauce’ from J.

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