Blueberry – MILD

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Looking for something to spice up your dessert as well as your dinner?

Then our Blueberry sauce is the one for you!

Whether it is paired with Burgers or Game or even drizzled over Ice Cream you won’t be disappointed with this little beauty.

By using the lesser-known Bullet Chillies with Cayenne Peppers and Blueberries it gives this sauce a spicy, peppery, almost wintery, Mulled Wine vibe.

It will certainly wake your mealtime up without blowing your head off


Two out of Five flames

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Water, Blueberries, Vinegar, Lemon Juice (Sulphites), Agave, Bullet Chillies, Cayenne Peppers, Garlic, Allspice, Cinnamon.

6 reviews for Blueberry – MILD

  1. Sarah E

    I love this sauce. Mixed with mayonnaise or creme fraiche and it’s a great dip for sausages or spicy prawns.

  2. Crystal Crockford

    Amazing flavour with a nice heat would recommend it in bacon sandwich I promise you it’s delicious. Would definitely recommend this sauce to everyone that I know is wanting to try milder hot sauces.

  3. Kebabwrapsbaps

    I purchased the Chipotle, Blueberry, Pili Pili & Pineapple sauce’s. The Chipotle is outstanding as it virtually goes with any dish, such a Smokey taste with a kick, the Blueberry even goes on dessert’s can’t wait until my Xmas pudding for this one. I’m going for the newcomer now Horseradish sauce perfect for Turkey & Beef, and I’ve got to try the Piquante sauce also. If you haven’t tried them already then you’re missing out. I cannot rate these sauce’s enough, Bravo James you’ve definitely hit the spot for taste. Thank you so much Joe

  4. HabaneroMike

    A milder sauce from the range, but again the balance of heat and flavours are perfectly balanced so that nothing is overpowering or overwhelming, this can be said of all the sauces from Haskhells. With a milder chilli heat, the blueberry comes through quicker along with the almost peppery hint from the cayenne. I tried some of this with some Stilton and the combination was near enough perfect ?? Again added to Mayo for a mild fruity dressing also works well. Not tried it on ice cream yet, but I’m already thinking outside the box with a drizzle on some Christmas pud. . . . ??

  5. Simon Merton

    The fiery fruity one. Really well rounded sauce this one. So many applications from a dipping sauce; fiery burger sauce (tempered with some mayo), to a chilli base in a chilli.

    Be warned, this one creeps up on you, you get the sweetness and chilli flavour and then the heat comes over you, sticks around for a bit and then mellows. THAT’S when you go back for some more.

  6. Hanna isotalus

    I am absolutely obsessed by this one. I hadn’t had a blueberry hot sauce before and this one goes on sweet and savoury foods. It’s amazing. So far my favourite is to have it on toast with peanut butter and (vegan) red meats. It also mixes really nicely with a liquorice sauce I have and gives it just a little bit heat (though used sparingly).

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