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This sauce brings together three different Chillies; Chile De Arbol and Ancho Mulato and of course smoky Chipotle Chillies.

Blend perfectly, the chillies come together to give hints of liquorice and chocolate, all the chillies are soaked in Orange juice for 24 hours and to pack an extra punch, every batch contains Mexican Chipotle Sea Salt too.

This sauce is great in a Chili Con Carne or just on Cheese on Toast. And you gotta try it with Mac & Cheese – a favourite in our house!

To really lift BBQ food combine it with our BBQ Dry Rub – MILD

And if that hasn’t made your mouth water check out this review from the man, the myth, the legend himself Johnny “Chase The Heat” Scoville who knows a thing about chillies and Hot Sauce.



Two out of Five Flames

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Weight 358 g



Orange Juice, Water, Cider Vinegar, Agave,
Chipotle Chillies, Ancho Chillies, Chile De Arbol,
Cocoa Powder, Mexican Chipotle Sea Salt, Garlic,
Cayenne Powder, Cumin, Cloves

8 reviews for Chipotle – MEDIUM

  1. Scott ‘The Brute’ Rivers

    An excellent sauce with a fruity smoke rather than the traditional deep and full on smoke, the sauce is smooth and loose with a slight grain texture but this is not unpleasant and I can see this working amazing with poultry and pork.

    Heat is definitely there and the mix of chillies is very well thought out.
    Sweetness is pleasant but not too high.
    Flavour is rich and indulgent.

    A truly brilliant Chipotle sauce

  2. Kevin Tilley

    Excellent depth of flavours to this sauce it has a wonderful smokey tone to it and is a fantastic everyday sauce i chucked it on everything delicious.

  3. Gareth Havard

    I love this sauce, it has a really pleasant heat level, the smokey flavour and and sweetness mixed in is amazing.

    The consistency of the sauce makes it so easy to pour and sticks to all sorts, I mixed this into pasta, on chicken, steaks and chips and it just seems like it will go with almost anything.

    The only issue I had was it didn’t last as long as I would hope ?

  4. UK Chilli Queen

    The sauce has a great depth of flavour. The pour is just fab. The smokiness is smooth and not overpowering. I love it on my jacket potato! Also works wonderfully with oven baked chicken – just lather it all over and bake.

  5. Alan Burns

    Amazing Flavours and texture.
    Works fantastic as a dip or sauce over all meats, esp BBQ’s

  6. Kebabwrapsbaps

    This sauce is just the perfect accompaniment to any dish, I virtually have this on everything. My local kebab shop is wondering why I’m not having chilli sauce on my dishes, I’ve been spoilt with Haskhells I tell them. The Smokey taste with the added kick is perfect. Spot on James, Bravo Sir.

  7. HabaneroMike

    Another great alchemy mix of heat smoke and sweet with this sauce. With the trio of chillies and subtle smokiness I’ve discarded the bbq sauce and just mix some of this in with some Mayo for a burger. Great to marinate meats with before grilling. It’s hot but not insanely hot so that the other flavours in this sauce all come through. Another brilliant sauce from J, well done.

  8. Simon Merton

    This sauce is awesome. Its spicy, smokey, flavourful and has as comforting familiarity which you can’t quite put your finger on.

    Brilliant in salsas; steak, chicken, marinades, and for the vegetarians/vegans awesome on roasted cauliflower. But dont tell everyone as there wont be enough to go around!!!

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